How to plan your expenses and finance this Diwali

diwali, shopping, sale
We just celebrated Navratri in all its glory and now Diwali isn’t too far away. Ab Diwali door nahi.  There’s so much to do- house cleaning, house painting and of course, shopping.  Besides the mythological significance of the day, Diwali is like Christmas for the Indians. For those who live a...
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How to make the most of festive season sale

festive season, shopping, festive, buying, sale, Diwali
The festive season has begun. And all retailers & e-commerce websites are on their toes to make the most of this opportunity to sell as much as they can. They are coming up with attractive offers, discounts, and deals to woo their  customers. And all of this can be overwhelming for you as yo...
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Achieve Financial Freedom in 5 Simple Steps

Financial freedom
Financial freedom is the state that allows you to continue in your desired lifestyle without the need of a regular paying occupation. In other words, it can be termed as a retirement phase where one can live off of one's savings and investments (both, liquid and assets). Financial freedom can com...
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Blockchain and all that you should know about it

Blockchain Technology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Payments, Digital Currency, Wallet
What is Blockchain? Blockchains are decentralized systems for recording and documenting transactions involving a particular digital currency. In simple terms,  blockchain can be viewed as a distributed record of transactions, like a traditional ledger in accounting. However, the scope and applica...
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