Fintech startups are changing the way you pay!

New disruptions and innovations in mobile banking are changing the payment experience altogether. And it is highly likely that the days of these plastic credit card is numbered. Several new fin-tech firms have come up recently like Dwolla, Venmo and Square. And they are changing the realm of pay...
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5 Things You MUST Keep in Mind While Shopping Online

shopping, ecommerce, online, credit, EMI
With internet penetration improving gradually and the cost of smart phones and internet data going down, shopping is no more a hustle on the ground. With time, more and more brands, both domestic and international, are now going online to sell their products besides having their brick and mortar poi...
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Financial Analyst- Tasks, Routine and more

Financial analyst
Who is a Financial Analyst? When we think of the profession of a Financial Analyst, numbers is all we are talking about. The Financial Analyst (FA) is not just the one who offers the profit and loss statement but also lets you know why the amount of profit or loss has incurred. He thoroughly resea...
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Budgeting rule of 50/20/30- Manage personal finances

budgeting 50-30-20
Personal financial management is not a subject we learn at schools but is still the most important book we need to read daily throughout our lives. Managing, investing and spending your money is a skill that is gained and develops through years of growing up. The basic checklist to manage your month...
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