Oakter All-in-One Mini UPS Inverter for Wi-FI Router

Oakter All-in-One Mini UPS Inverter for Wi-FI Router
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Stay connected to the Internet even during power failure, With the Oakter MiniUPS All In One specially designed for Wi-Fi Router. Oakter Mini UPS charges itself when there is electricity and having intelligent battery management system. Oakter Mini UPS is Online UPS which do not require switching between the paths in case of power failure. Thus, the power delivered to the WiFi Router will not be interrupted.Mini UPS for WiFi Router provide up to four hours of power backup depending on Wi-Fi router's model. Mini UPS is DIY-friendly, and can be installed in no time. Oakter MiniUPS All In One Supports all Wi-Fi / ADSL Routers, Set-top Box and CCTV Available in India.It supports all 12V devices such as WiFi Routers, ADSL modems, CCTV, Set-Top box, etc.
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