Snapmint: Delivering Honest Financial Products
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Today’s shopper pursuits for a freedom of Choice and source. Snapmint precisely caters to the generations love for freedom. Eliminating the dependency of Credit Card and hassle of physical documentation makes shopping a happy event.
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Great for Customers

Our Customer first approach gives the customer the liberty to choose his product, his merchant and also his EMI plan. We believe in delivering a cardless, paper-less and hassle-free Credit experience to the customer.

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Great for Business

Association with us is seamless and sure. We empower our merchants to scale on numbers with respect to sales and consumer base. We aid in accelerating the entire sale journey and undertake the fraud risk if any.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Rahul agarwaal
Rahul Agarwal
Nalin agarwaal
Nalin Agrawal
Anil agarwaal
Anil Gelra

Nalin, Anil, and Rahul are IIT Bombay alumni and serial entrepreneurs since 2006 on various ventures with 3 success stories – Holachef, Inrea, Sodel Solutions. Since 2008, the team is working on big data problems and “real-time” predictive technologies and algorithms primarily Ad-tech, Consumer Marketing and Media.

They have enabled banks and payment companies to launch and distribute internet and mobile scale payment solutions.